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I called to see this doctor for my varicose veins. I got an appointment for the same day later in the afternoon, which was perfect after I got off of work at 4. The front desk was amazing. The office emphasizes personalized care and they really spend a lot of time with you. Unlike other offices, you dont feel like you are “part of the heard”. The doc spent a lot of time with me going over my issues. My leg pain disappeared after my ablations! Thanks guys.


I came across this office from an online search when I was looking for treatments of my fibroids. My gynecologist wanted to do a hysterectomy, which I didnt want. The doctor was courteous and understanding of my problems. He explained everything to me well…..and I still didnt understand it all so I went back and he was caring and thorough. I had the procedure done and things went well…within 2 days my issues started to resolve. I still have my uterus! Thanks guys!


Wonderful doctor….treated my leg artery blockages and finally can walk pain-free again! Highly recommended!