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Treating peripheral artery disease

Jul 25, 2019Peripheral Vascular Disease, Vascular Disease

The human body is complicated. There are millions of nerves. A web of arteries, veins and cells. The complexity of the human body is not easy to decode and when the root cause of the problem is in a vein or artery then the problem can become more complicated.  

The flexibility of the artery starts deteriorating after a certain age. There are many reasons that cause hardness in the vein and artery. But one cannot deny the role of aging and lifestyle. As the artery become hard with calcification, it restricts the blood flow in the body that ultimately causes several difficulties. It is not just the plaque that could restrict the blood flow, but cholesterol, fat and/or scar tissue any of these things can narrow the artery causing PAD.

The problem of PAD is more threatening in ailing and aging patients. And in most of the cases, people are unaware of the problem as the symptoms start coming to the surface of late only. The problem can become more serious among those people who are suffering from obesity, diabetes, smoking or high blood pressure. 
Don’t let the PAD make your life miserable. Follow an active and healthy life along with the suggested treatment and keep your body fit and fine. There are cases where PAD leads to amputation as well. 

The artery blockage can occur in any body part and it could affect the leg, heart, uterus any part of the body. The problem of PAD or peripheral artery disease usually hit the leg area. When the leg doesn’t receive enough blood flow it causes pain in the leg known as claudication. It may also cause deep vein thrombosis.

Earlier there was no treatment for curing or reversing the damage done by the PAD and changes in the lifestyle was considered the only way to reverse or reduce the severity of the problem. But now there are cures and treatments and patients are supposed to follow the treatment along with the lifestyle changes for a better outcome.  Find a professional and trusted Houston peripheral arterial disease doctor for the treatment. There are methods like Atherectomy and sclerotherapy treatment that have been used in peripheral vascular disease treatment.

Atherectomy is used as an alternative to angioplasty. A tiny cutting device is attached at the tip of the catheter to remove the blockage. This treatment is not for removing the clots below the knee. There are clinics that are now offering minimally invasive treatment to their patients. They are not just helping the patients in leading a healthy life, but also helping their families as well. Book your appointment, learn how the treatment will be done and what aftercare one has to follow for the speedy recovery. You can take the help of the internet or ask your doctor to suggest a doctor or clinic near you where you can find complete treatment. Before starting the treatment discuss the pros and cons of the treatment, success rate, recovery time and do’s and don’ts once you are sure about the treatment and confident about the doctor only then start the treatment.


How peripheral arterial disease treatment is done?

  • You can be recommended medications to keep blood pressure in check and treat high cholesterol levels. These medicines aim to reduce pain in the limbs and prevent the formation of blood clots or plaque.
  • Another most popular treatment is minimally invasive interventional radiology-Angioplasty to open a blocked artery with a medical balloon for more proper blood flow. 
  • Atherectomy treatment-another third interventional radiology procedure is used for removing atherosclerosis from the blood vessels within the patient body. A catheter with a pointed blade on the end is inserted into the artery via small puncture to remove fatty deposits from the blood vessels.
  • Stent-graft or placing a stent covered with a synthetic fabric in the patient’s blood vessels to bypass the impacted arteries is also one of the procedure.
  • In severe cases, surgery is the only option to remove blockages or create bypasses.


Stop waiting before it’s too late. Contact the right Vascular treatment center like Coastal Vascular to learn more your artery and venous medical condition so that the right treatment can be prescribed to you before the situation gets out of the hands.

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