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Vein Myths Debunked

Sep 21, 2021Spider Veins, Varicose Veins

A lot of people get varicose veins as they get older, or they notice the tiny purplish spider veins spreading throughout their thighs the longer they work many hours on their feet. These unsightly veins can be very embarrassing, so if you have them, you might feel desperate to find a solution fast. You can’t go the corner drugstore and just buy a cream that will clear them up or fade them.

Because unsightly veins are such a common problem and people are so eager to get rid of them, a lot of myths persist about how to treat them. We’ve debunked some of those myths so you know what to really expect:

Myth: Varicose Veins are Just Aesthetic – They’re Harmless

You might be thinking that varicose veins are only an aesthetic problem, but they can also cause intense pain and other complications. Without treatment you could experience uncomfortable itching or open sores in your skin due to sensitive areas becoming engorged with fluid from chronically swollen leg muscles – this is a condition called Phlebitis which leads many people seeking medical attention for diagnosis and often times surgery.
The risk factors associated with developing these bothersome cosmetic issues include: being over the age of 50; thinning anywhere on one side if their body when looking at profile shots taken while standing up straight rather than sitting down.

Myth: You Can Get Varicose Veins from Crossing Your Legs

Varicose veins are the result of a weakening of the veins. Many people think that crossing your legs can cut off circulation to the veins, causing them to weaken and the blood to pool in them. The truth is that varicose veins are almost always the result of heredity and age. Crossing your legs won’t have any impact on your veins!

Myth: Exercise can Exacerbate Varicose Veins

Exercise can actually improve your vascular health by promoting circulation. Furthermore, if you are standing or sitting for long periods, you can exacerbate the issue. Taking regular, short walks can get the blood flowing and offset the risks. Exercise is particularly helpful for those who have veins deep in their muscle tissue, known as deep venous insufficiency. The exercise forces the blood back up into the body instead of settling in the veins, where it can cause swelling and pain.

Myth: Spider and varicose veins are the same thing.

Varicose veins are blue and cause a bulge wherever the vein is damaged, typically in your legs.

Spider veins can oftentimes go untreated, while varicose types of veins will usually need some form of treatment down the line.

Myth: Varicose veins only happen in women.

Statistics will quickly put this myth to rest. According to studies, 56% of men suffer from varicose veins.

Oftentimes genetics play a major role in the development of these kinds of veins, and those vein genetics do not exclusively exist in women.

Don’t believe the myths about vein health or treatment. If you have varicose veins or spider veins, you should consult a vascular expert who can help you understand the causes and how to treat vascular disease. You can love the look of your legs again and be free of discomfort.  If you feel you are having vascular issues, come see Coastal Vascular, we will love your legs as much as you do! You can find us at, or call 713-999-6056.

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